Tavangaran Sahand  Industrial Group ( TSIG )


Tavangaran Sahand Industrial Group began its activities in mining since the summer of the year 2010, with the purpose and with regard to meeting the needs of Gostareshe Foulad Tabriz company to iron ore material. The main goal and activity of this company has been focused on exploration, excavation and extraction processing of iron ore in the north west of the country.

Address:Tavangharan Sahand Co./Bonyan Disel Tabriz Manufacture Sardaroud Road /TBZ-IRI

Phone: 04114481885     fax: 04114481886


The main activities of the company so far are as follows:

1.  Exploration and prospecting visit of more than 150 potential iron ore bodies.

2.  Discovery of more than 50 iron ore deposits in the northwest of the country.

3. Remote sensing and prospecting sites with regard to the priority of exploring iron ore in the northwest.

4.  Making more than 15 geographical surveys in iron mines and the potential iron mining in the area.

5. Creating the most comprehensive database of iron ore potential resources in Iran.

6. Exploration of more than 4 mines in the northwest of the country.

7. Grinding and grading of iron in the northwest of the country.

8. Marketing and sale of iron ore inside and outside Iran.

9. Supplying of raw materials especially Ferro alloys and refractory material for  steel industries.